2010 & WL7: great year for Philippe Goutier!

Since most thredas on this forum (even mine) aim to point out possible bugs and sometimes contain personal requests, I wanted to start this new one with a pure thought of appreciation for 2010 PG’s work: the new release of this fantastic Audio Program he’s been working at for years! You made it again PG :smiley:
Thank you, much appreciated!

How can anyone not agree with you. : big applause:

Great work Philippe !

Thanks! I will take a bit of vacations from 5th to 12th of January. BTW, I might not monitor the forum during that time.

Philippe, must we order you to stay away?! :open_mouth: In advance; enjoy your holiday - you deserve it!

Indeed you do - have a great break Philippe! :sunglasses:


All I’d like to say today is…

Happy new year to everyone !

(PS: PG, enjoy your holiday, and don’t monitor this forum at that time…)



Yep, WL7e is a fantastic upgrade from 6e.
Wasn’t sure about the new workspace at first, but now I have it figured out and configured way better than in 6.
It’s really slick.


I’d like to add my 2c here as well – bravo!