2011 Macbook Pro 13" ASIO overload...

Hi folks,

Sorry if this is a repeat, i did a search here and on Google, but didn’t find anything specific to new macbooks on the ASIO overload issue.

Basically, i just imported one wav file, one stereo track, and it played back fine.
I’m only using the built in ASIO drivers, and mac-update says my machine is up to date.
I’m just using the headphone outs for now to test this.

Once i close the project and re-open, the sound is all crackled & distorted, and i get ASIO and cache overload errors.

Re-starting Cubase and/or deleting the asio bus and re-adding them back fixes it after a few tries.

Any idea why this is happening or how to fix it?


2011 13" Macbook Pro
4gb Ram
350gb internal drive
AC Power
Cubase 5LE

Something on yout system is using up all the resources that the ASIO audio system needs to function correctly.

Make sure that you have “maximum performance” set in the system power settings, if you have that option on a Mac.

Perhaps its a bug in the newer Macbook Pro laptops, or the drivers aren’t compatible with Cubase 5LE.

The problem doesn’t occur at all when I use the ASIO driver for my Tascam US-1800 interface.
It’s only the built in audio (headphone output) that seems to have the problem.