2012 MacBook Air with Cubase 6.5?

Dear all,

I am looking to upgrade from my 2008 MBP. Reason for upgrade is I want the thunderbolt connectivity and the SSD. I know it’s always safe to go with the MBP (and the one with the retina with Quad Core, 16GB RAM and 768 SSD) but it’s a lot to spend on something that has a lifespan of maybe 3-4 years.

Therefore, I wanted to find out if anyone here using a 2012 MacBook Air with Cubase 6.5? What are your thoughts?

a) I use a Universal Audio Quad Apollo interface. I use a lot of EQ, Effects and etc (compressors…) from the interface so that limits my need for VST effects.
b) I own a lot of hardware so not many VST instruments used in Cubase apart from some effects. Main VST instruments used are EZ Drummer, Synclock and the Minimoog Editor (which I hardly use).
c) Not too much Samples used. Maximum 4 tracks mainly. However, they are processed quite heavily.
d) Audio tracks can be a lot. Generally a project can have anything from 40 to 60 tracks on average. Again, a lot of the tracks are recorded from line in (synths, samplers) to mic (vocals, guitars….)
e) I don’t need a large monitor on the laptop as I use an external monitor in the studio. Don’t really need a large display for live performances. I can go with either 13 inch or 15 inch.

Based on the above, the logic is that a MacBook Air 13 inch will do…

The one am looking at :-
• 2.0GHz Intel Dual-Core Core i7, Turbo Boost up to 3.2GHz ← this is where my concern comes. Last thing I want is system chocking up during use.
• 8GB 1600MHz DDR3L SDRAM - More than enough. Don’t really need anything more for the next 3 years.
• 512GB Flash Storage -- more than enough. I generally have tracks backed up and loaded back in using external drives anyway. The SSD is good as its quiet during recordings.

Thoughts please?


The retina display resolutions are not yet supported in Cubase, and if you’ll be using an external monitor anyway that retina is a waste of money.

The retina display resolutions are not yet supported in Cubase, and if you’ll be using an external monitor anyway that retina is a waste of money.

I fully agree with you. Anyway, I don’t think that high a resolution is really needed for audio production which is why that was not a consideration for me.

Anyone else here use a MacBook Air with maybe a similiar setup to me?


I wonder if anyone can help me out with a question about the MacBook Air. I have the 512SSD, 8GB RAM and the ugraded CPU.

However I have loaded C6.5 and can’t get a note out of it. I have a nasty feeling that I am about to find out that the system does not have a sound card or something and thereofre won’t be able to play out.

I only want this machine to arrange, I don’t need crazy effect etc just enought to frame pieces before getting back to the iMac, which is of course friggin’ awesome.

Have I made a mistake here? If so, I guess I will need a USB sound card hanging out the side?

Erm … please ignore this last post. All sorted now. In C6, Device Setup, VST Setup I had to select internal speakers … of course!