2015-17 mbp with cubase pro 11

ADVICE. Can Cubase pro 11 run well on an older mbp and iMac 27, 2015 or 2017 running catalina or higher? If so what is the recommended processor and speed and amount of ram suggested? Anyone who has a setup like this, can you please share your experience and working scenario. this would be a great help! Thank U!

I’m on Catalina with a 2015 MBP and Cubase 11. I did a fresh install of Catalina first. Cubase is soaring. Zero crashes and no hiccups. 20 instances of Abbey Road One and lots of plugins. It’ll work great! Don’t go to Big Sur though. It was a nightmare.

FEELINGTHIN, Thank you for your reply! it eases my mind a bit as regards to this choice. May I ask what is you MBP specs, just to get a better idea.

4-cores 16gb ram. I was never able to run this many plugins on ableton. I’m a serious Cubase fan now. A clean install of Catalina from a boot disk is key though. Look up dosdude for the Catalina download. I’m holding out for a 32gb M1 mac mini. Only 16gb ram at the moment. A 32gb variant is rumored for Fall 2021

2015 i7 quad MBP (Mojave)and Cubase 11, no problems at all over here, really starting to dig C11 and I’m a former logic user…