2018 "Soft-elicenser doesn't have enought permissions..."

The saga continues…From the older Cubase versions forum but still happening to me in 9.5.

Soft-elicenser doesn’t have enought permissions to run properly. Please run LCC to fix this problem."

When I open Cubase 9.5 after opening VSL VEPro 6 I get the ‘not enough permissios’ message.
I hit ok & Cubase will then load normally…

If I open Cubase first then try open VEP I get error ‘a certain service has become unresponsive. Please restart your computer’…
I’ve been running as administrator on all my software programs for several years. I double checked they’re still all selected.
I always latest version of ELC installed & have re-installed several times.

No clues at this point, any new ideas for fixes on this old issue?

Unless you’re using Elements version or have some other license on a soft elicenser you can just delete it.


move it rather than delete it if you’re unsure.

Thanks, I deleted SeLicenser.sel & that stopped the Cubase error message. I still get the error message opening VEP after Cubase is launched.

Maybe NOT running Cubase/VEP as admin would be worth a try?

Same… a pain in the neck.