[2020-03-01] First cumulative bug report regarding zh-CN localization.

This is my first cumulative bug report regarding zh-CN localization on [2020-03-01], including at least 50 translation fix requests + one localization convention suggestion.

Reporter: Todesstalker, Shiki Suen
Pre-Supervisor: Shiki Suen

I put all reports into a Microsoft Excel document. Recommending Microsoft Excel for macOS (Mac App Store latest) to load it correctly.
(Windows Office 365 is supposed to work with this document without problem.)

However, there is one report excluded from the Excel file because it is sophisticated.
(May be inaccessible during 2020-03-02 1700-2100hrs UTC due to server hardware maintenance.)

Instrument Names are not expected to be translated in Chinese MUI.

Most of Western Orchestral instruments (except certain instruments like strings) don’t share a common translated Chinese name in the world. Hence the necessity at this moment to keep all instrument names behave like what they look like in German MUI (for sheet music publications in Japan and Germany, still usable in Mainland China for classical music only) or English MUI (more comfortable for Chinese composers who studied music from English-speaking countries).

Plus, regarding the format for transposed instruments: Using “Horn in F” as an example, then the most comfortable appearances are both “F Horn” and “Horn (F)” depending on individual user’s preferences.
Dorico Localization Bug (2020-03-01).xlsx.zip (10.6 KB)

PHPBB doesn’t support in-post tables.
My Engravers-China forum uses XenForo 2.x and it supports in-post tables pretty well, plus the post-thanks function.
If Steinberg official forum can use XenForo, then I may not have to use a spreadsheet software to submit it.

Thanks for these reports, which I will pass on to our localisation team.

Thank you for assigning these issue reports. There’s one thing I forgot to say:
Please let them check each fixes per English term and per context, not per Chinese translation.
Otherwise, they may introduce more possible issues.


It seems that the following issue still exists:

Expected: At least, use “in” in lieu of the irrelevated “里”.
Recommended: Horn (F) or F Horn.

Note: The instrument name mistake has been fixed in Dorico 4.3.20:
Dorico 4.3.20 and Dorico for iPad 2.5.20 updates now available - Dorico - Steinberg Forums

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