[2020-07-16] Second cumulative bug report regarding zh-CN localization.

Here comes our 2nd cumulative bug report regarding zh-CN localization on [2020-07-16], including at least 33 translation fix requests.

Reporter: Carthago
Pre-Supervisor: Shiki Suen, Carthago

I put all reports into a Microsoft Excel document (attached in this thread). Recommending Microsoft Excel for macOS (Mac App Store latest) to load it correctly.
(Windows Office 365 is supposed to work with this document without problem.)

Reference: https://puwu.pro/index.php?threads/109/

P.S.: We need a XenForo board to organize thread contents better:

[20200716] 2nd Cumulative zh-cn Localization Bug Report.xlsx.zip (10.9 KB)

Please respond to this thread if this report has been internally assigned in Steinberg.

Just writing to say, the free, cross-platform Apache OpenOffice (Calc app) loads and displays this document without issue.

Also, while I’m here, I think the work you (and colleagues/contributors) are doing here is very commendable. I’m sure Daniel will (get round to) notice and deal with as he did previously. :wink:


(PS:- XenForo…? is this really needed here…? Honestly, for now, seems the method used (posting a link to Excel file) is convenient enough, robust and works).

I cannot expect PHPBB team to do this support (of tables). Previously, their update rendered PHPBB thanks plugin unusable, leading to the removal of post-thanks function from Steinberg forum.

Plus, the incoming XenForo 2.2 will support special threads like Q&A thread (for tickets or questions), suggestion-collection subforum type, etc. This can make sure that subforums of this Steinberg forum can have better ways to organize existing & new contents:

Thanks. That’s a good news.

I have the Excel file and I’ll pass it on to our Chinese translator.

Thanks, Daniel.

BTW, could you please let me know who is the probably-right person for me to talk with regarding the forum software being used in Steinberg forum?

We are evaluating other forum software at the moment, but we are not currently looking for opinions from the user community about the software we may use in the future, though your fondness for Xenforo is well-known.

As long as PHPBB supports in-post table in a user-convenient manner, I don’t think XenForo is the only choice.

I don’t think tables are a common requirement for a user forum, Shiki, and we won’t be making any future forum choices on the basis of that requirement. You can always post a link to a Google spreadsheet, or an Excel file, or any number of other things. And if you want to be helpful and provide feedback to us in the most useful fashion, doing so with a separate document that we can easily pass on to our translators is way, way more useful than embedding a table in a forum post in any case.