2020: 20 years of Nuendo: a personal THANK YOU

Many thanks been here since 1.0

Only a year on Nuendo (Cubase since 2000!), but enjoying the N10 experience & looking forward to checking out 10.3! :smiley:

Just want to say THANK YOU back to Steinberg, for building these amazing tools over the years that helped me with my creative passion and work. Congrats on this anniversary, and here’s to 20 more years of Nuendo!

Right on. User since version 1, owner since 5. I’ve had to work on pretty much all DAW’s, but Nuendo is still my fave and the heart of my studio.

I’m with Nuendo since version 6.0 and Seriously Steinberg? You Rock!!! Thank you so much for everything.

Thank you folks. It’s a great update. And happy 20th anniversary Nuendo :wink: I’m on Nuendo since version 2, so for quite some while (around 2004).

Keep up the good work building the best DAW for a broad range of audio production application areas, Steinberg. :slight_smile:

Much, much appreciated guys. Thank you so much for being part of the family.

I was at the annual AES show at the Javits Center in 1999 when Nuendo was premiered, before its first release. Actually demoing my personal system at the show on behalf of another competing DAW company.

I was a C-Lab, then Emagic guy and had never used anything Steinberg. But as soon as I saw a Nuendo, I knew it was a breath of fresh air. A very different approach from what I considered to be a lumbering and unpleasant sounding early Pro Tools. It was a decade before then Digidesign cleaned up their internal architecture and got it sounding right.

So here we are 21 years later. Turns out, I was right. Thank you Steinberg for making the finest DAW available. It’s not perfect but it is very, very good!

I started with Cubase in the late 80’s on an Atari with no hard drives, just floppy disks. Quite a journey! Thanks for the 10.3 Nuendo update. And, I must say, it is running SO SMOOTH!!! I look forward to digging into some of the new features as soon as I can.

Thank you Steinberg :slight_smile:
Been using Nuendo since v1.

This is great, but I wish I knew it was coming, because I updated to 10 last month. What is the grace period for the sale?

10.3 is a free update for Nuendo :slight_smile:

Wish I hadn’t paid full price and cross-graded from Cubase the week before the sale now! I grew up using Steinberg Pro24 back in 1988 on an Atari 1040ST and I’ve always come back to these products despite some of the challenges I’ve experienced over the years.

I was very anxious crossing over to Nuendo from Cubase half way through a project a few weeks ago, but when the Producer started asking me to clean up dialog and help with some home-grown ADR after I’d finished the score, I took the plunge and moved over to Nuendo. It’s not often you can say you have zero downtime in your workflow when you pick up a new product (against a deadline at that). Nuendo was a breeze to use for the most part. I still can’t get Video to work, which as a Film Composer is a major drawback, but I’m optimistic there’s a working codec out there somewhere waiting for me…

Thank you. I’ve been here since Nuendo Sytem One. Luckily, the RME 8i/o is still working, along with my Houston Controller. Only dead guy is the Steinberg Midex 8, which makes sense. It never felt like it was built to last. I still have the dongle keys for Nuendo and Nuendo Surround.

Thank you Timo and Steinberg team. Congratulations on the 1st 20 years. Nuendo is absolutely the best. We have been with Nuendo since v1.1. Unlike any other DAW (we have tried them all) Nuendo has replace our 24 track Studer ($60,00), Console ($100,00), Synchronizing systems ($20,000), Automation ($20,000), Video decks ($20,00), air conditioned machine rooms, full time maintenance staff. Nuendo does it all better.

Nuendo is great,

Good points ! :stuck_out_tongue:
congrats for the 20 years Nuendo anniversary. Thanks

Thank you so much, Fox. We try our best to further develop the plattform to highest standards.

Were on N1.5 to N5.5… Now back in with the N10.3 20th Ann update offer

Grats on 20 years

Wow - I’ve been using Nuendo forever - since 2001 after I came home from a mixing class that Roger Nichols taught down in Florida! He was using Protools, but the “Native” appeal of Nuendo I had read about sounded interesting so we went to see a demo from a Steinberg Nuendo Tour at Guitar Center. I had worked out an equipment diagram on the plane on the way back from Florida and it seemed like Nuendo would be a great fit, and it was so inexpensive I figured if it didn’t pan out, I’d go ProTools and it would be no big deal. So I bought Nuendo and have never looked back. I also ordered a pair of HD-1s to go with it which I still use - that was the one thing Roger was using that seemed like a must have!

That year I started gradually migrating my setup from an O2R / 3 x DA38 over to Nuendo. What an adventure.

And just last year I finally got to meet Fredo while on vacation in Belgium - what a treat these 20 years have been.


Jumped ship to Nuendo back in 2008 and never looked back. Looked/looking forward for every update that came along and glad to be a strong Nuendo advocate. thank you for making this product so intuitive and pleasure to work. Congrat for the anniversary.

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