2020 Imac, Cubase 10.5, Fan noise due to graphic card ram? (Pics). Help


2020 iMac i9 (10 core 64gb ram, 2tb Hd, Radeon 5500 xt).

These are some pics I took after working for about 30 min on a rather heavy project in Cubase 10.5 using Apogee element 24 soundcard.

As you can see from istat menus and fan apps: the Imac’s CPU is not even at 50%, the ram is not even at 50%, I have got around 750gb free on my 2tb nvme drive, so I believe the issue comes form the graphics card.

As you can see the GPU shows no signs of Hardship in its CPU section but for some reason, The GPU’s ram is almost 100% being used I believe that this might be the overheating issue here.

Fan starts getting loud to my taste @ around 2000rpm.

Do you have any idea on WHY this is happing?

Is it sidecar on my iPad pro 12.9 2020? (I use it via cable).

Is it my apple thunderbolt display 2nd monitor?

Is there something in Cubase using so much GPU ram?!

The only other software running in the background is Logitech Ghub.

yes, I AM aware of the iMac pro’s dual fan system and no I do not think this is the answer to my question because the 2020 iMac system is more powerful in any aspect, and like the photos, I uploaded suggests the system is not even using half of its power.

Some background and thoughts comparing to my imac pro:
Moved from a base iMac pro (8 core xeon, 32gb ram,vega 56, 1tb hd) to a 2020 iMac i9 (10 core 64gb ram, 2tb Hd, Radeon 5500 xt).
Main use: Audio recording, editing, mixing on Cubase 10.5.

Had my Imac pro for over 2.5 years and only once heard the fans ramp up and it was not even Cubase related, it was while gaming on max graphic setting (I don’t usually game on an iMac).

The iMac pro NEVER ramped up the fans on audio editing regardless of how much CPU consuming the task was, even at the end of projects with all the vsts, etc.
Actually, I’ve never even heard of the mac fan control app up until now.
Other machines I worked on with Cubase 10.5 and a 2nd monitor:
Mac pro-2010 12 core with 16gb ram and the lousy graphic card that came with it and I have never heard its fan go wild when employing a 2nd monitor or at the end of a project.
Also had a chance to work with 16" Macbook Pro for a month and it was unbearably loud fan-wise.
Have a 1st gen i7 pc with a 5 year old and gpu …again no fan loudness.

On the iMac 2020, the fan is WAY louder towards the end of a project or even if the room has no ac on.

This is quite annoying because I am dealing with audio here, I need complete silence in my studio otherwise the fan noise interferes with my listening experience or recording procedure.

All in all, I guess it was a bad decision selling my iMac pro, I guess I just listened to all those YouTube videos stating the new iMac is WAY more powerful than the iMac pro when in real life audio editing I see no difference.

Yeah only the iMac Pro or Mac Pro runs cubase silently. The iMac doesn’t have enough room for the fans to circulate. So it runs up much more quickly. The new iMac is definitely super powerful. But they didn’t update the chasis to accommodate that power of the intel chips. The new arm chip will run way cooler so will be quieter.

Hi Pierott,

I’m after a similar config as you have on your new iMac and I’m curious if you could test this without having your second monitor and the iPad sidecar connected and see if you get the same amount of fan noise?

Thanks in advance!

A little less fan without the iPad and a little less without the tb display.
Still, my advice to you is, do not get it.
Go for the iMac pro.

Thank you for checking and for the advice. It’s weird cause a lot of people really love the 2020 iMac but others really dislike the fan noise. The iMac Pro looks great but I can’t afford it so…