2020 Steinberg upgrade offer - can we upgrade from the recent "stay at home" offer?

A few weeks ago, Steinberg offered Cubase 10.5 Elements for free use until the end of May. I downloaded it and have been getting to know it (I haven’t used Cubase or any DAW since Mac OS9 Cubase 5.

Steinberg now have a very tempting offer: get Cubase (Elements, Artist or Pro) at a substantial discount as an upgrade. I still have an old Cubase 4 disc knocking around (and an e-licenser) but it is not installed. Are we eligible to upgrade from the recent free use Cubase to a legit Cubase? The offer ends on April 30 so if we are I am tempted to take up the offer.

I would rather not upgrade from Cubase 4 because the e-licenser softward ‘is out of date’ or something, and alhtough I downloaded the new version, it still was too much round the houses for me.

I’m assuming the USB e-licenser I already have can be used.

I would be grateful for all info on this matter of eligibility etc, as much as possible and from Steinberg itself would be very wellcome.

PS When I say the ‘free use’ offer, I am referring to the #StatHome Elements Collection.