2021 M1 MacBook Pro overheats under Cubase 12

When I use Logic, MacBook is fine. But when I use cubase 12, MacBook becomes very very hot. I run both Logic and cubase thru Rosetta mode. Is this a known issue ?

No, it’s not.

I’m running Logic and Cubase 12 Pro on a MacBook Pro M1 as well as a on Mac Studio M1 Max and both keep totally cool and silent. My projects are quite small however regarding track count. Are you running large projects on your MacBook Pro?

Yea my projects are pretty large, with pretty high memory and CPU usage as well, around 100 audio tracks and 100 virtual instrument tracks

you could test Cubase in native Silicon mode (maybe by avoiding those plugins which are not yet Silicon M1 compatible.-)). In my case I recognize a clear difference in performance/CPU load when switching between Rosetta and Silicon native mode in Cubase. I know that at the moment there are quite some Plugins not ready for M1 but at least You could check if your projects are in general too large for Cubase or if it’s a compatibility issue that will be solved over time.

I’ll test a new project, probably will create a test project.
I cannot try current projects in Cubase12 Native mode because all of them use lots of VST2 plugins. but Cubase 12 doesn’t support VST2 plugins in native mode

that’s what is is like at the moment:-)