since yesterday I have an update of w10 “20H2” which is proposed to me. When is the cubase compatibility update due? please

Whenever it is being tested and announced on the steinberg site.

“Windows 10 20H2 è di base identico alla versione 2004 (20H1)”

Basicaly Windows 10 20H2 is identical to 2004 (20H1) version

cit Hwupgrade.it

Steinberg are strongly recommending that people hold off updating their systems to the very latest major OS releases from Apple and Microsoft, until they’ve fully tested current (and upcoming) products:-


(I don’t know why this hasn’t been posted as a formal announcement, somewhere on the forums as well)

no news?

we wait, we wait. . 3 weeks and still no news?

are you kidding?
the update is not rolled out to all installations and you get impatient

and btw Hamburg is Corona hot spot these days… and it’s weekend

I’m serious, since the announcement " compatibility with Upcoming Operating Systems " steinberg had time to work on the new features announced later, but not the time to examine compatibility with the last W10 update. I think ensuring cubase compatibility with the new update is more important

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I had an issue with the 2004 version…all windows including mixer, vst connections and so on when maximized a white line appear on the left side of the windows and the window dows not fit right in to the screen!! Hope someone else had it too because people don’t talk 'bout this issue…

Uh oh. My Windows system just got the update. It’s talking to me, I swear!

I’ll hold off updating.

Hold off on the update. 20H1/2004 introduced a bug that affects several versions of Cubase. Imagine the pain of everytime you open MixConsole, AudioConnections and MediaBay, you have to click and drag the window titlebar before the contents of the window child align properly. Incredibly irritating, stick with 1909 at the latest for now.


Damn. Thanks dude!

Thank you!!! I thought it was just my computer!!! Getting nuts 'bout this issue!!! Hope somone knows if it’s fixed on cubase 11

so if I understand correctly, it is more profitable to release the new version of the software and to force users to upgrade to version 11 to ensure compatibility with the 20H2 update than to provide a patch at the same time to ensure the working of version 10.5 with update 20H2. There, at the moment I don’t have the 100 € to upgrade and I’m not the only one, but I want to go to 20H2 and I would like Steinberg to inform us!

10.5.2 users expect

Agreed. I’ve had 20H2 sat waiting for a long time now. There is usually a last update to the last version of Cubase. I think it’s usually early in the new year but I have always updated except this year.

So thats what’s going on! Yes, it’s extremely frustrating and something I’ve been dealing with recently in 10.5. Didn’t realize this was tied to a windows update. I would expect Steinberg to release a hot fix for at LEAST the 2 most recent versions to address this issue.

It seems to me that in the user agreement Steinberg undertakes to provide technical support including an update of a patch ensuring compatibility with the update of the operating system on which cubase is running. This windows update is not only the update of the functionalities but also of the security. I find it very incorrect for steinberg to still not provide a fix and comment on this topic because it turns out that everything is ok and we don’t need any cubase updates anyway since the May 2020, after almost 8 months of silence and without updating it should! I am not a lawyer but maybe we can take a legal step in the interest of all users in principle, so that steinberg does something in the end

If security is a concern, have a look at this page on Microsoft’s support site.

In short, if you are on Windows 10 version 1803 or earlier, then you are not receiving any further updates and should update to a later version. If you are on a later version then you are continuing to receive updates. as follows:

If you are on 20H2 then you will continue to recieve updates until 2022-05-10; 2004 until 2021-12-14; and 1909 until 2021-05-11.

Hope this helps

thanks but no, that doesn’t really help, the question is the compatibility of cubase 10.5.20 with the updated 20H2. Steinberg himself gave a warning! then if microsoft says that it provides security improvements with 20H2, then I believe it, that’s it.
Are you a Microsoft technician capable of answering the security questions of this update?