21 Gig of Additional content???

Are this supposed to be installed automatically?
Or do we have to manually copy over all the Vst Sounds to the Content folder? - Or will this only duplicate sounds installed else where?
Are all of this additional content free to use for the included “SE stuff”? - Or are some sounds only for their paid big brothers?

Discuss :confused:

This time around, the install method were a bit “flimsy” or “confusing”. Because I were thinking to much :wink:
I am actually mostly curious, and would not likely miss anything feature or sound wise

Like always, you can select what to install from the Cubase installer.

Really? I looked around for minutes to see if I could choose what to install or not. Didn’t find anything. Hmmm?

It started the installer.exe , and started the installation of Cubase 10, Groove Agent SE5, Halion Se+++ To what seem to install the lot.
But, again, it really didn’t.

What installer did you run?

I looked in the ReadMe PDF and it was not there. Sorry, I’m kinda new at this and do not see instructions for this content within the Cubase 10 install folder. So I have a folder called “Additional Content” in the Cubase 10 install folder. When I opened it up I found a VST Sound folder with lots of “VST Sound” files. Am I to put this folder in my Shared Directory (Mac), or just what do I do with this folder??

Please, I need specifics so I don’t “assume” Cubase 10 will just install this once registered.

Or is this content “already” there and I can add to within Cubase 10 with an installer? :question: