22.2 channel signal issue when sending as objects

Hi there, long story short, when sending an 22.2 signal as objects to Dolby renderer, Nuendo sent those 2 LFE channels as one object. Most of those channel orders are right. But channels after the second LFE channel are put off by one. This will cause serious phase issue when you’ve got an 22.2 mix and wanted to change it to a dolby mix.

And those channel orders are fixed in Nuendo, I cannot change it manually. For Nuendo developers, just delete those two LFE channel sends as objects and the channel order will be right.

As other channel configurations like 7.1.4, when sending as objects, the LFE channel is automatically ignored, which is logically right as they are now treated as objects.
Just do the same for 22.2 mix.

Personally, I would first split the 22.2 channels into individual channels. This makes more work, but also gives you greater flexibility. I wouldn’t leave that to the MultiPanner alone.
If necessary, you can also deactivate individual channels in the MultiPanner. Click on the corresponding speaker symbol while holding the Alt/Opt key.

I don’t want to be petty, but with Dolby Atmos there are almost inevitably phase problems. With so many speakers, this can hardly be avoided. The question is whether this is a problem. And I would argue that the answer is “no” 99 percent of the time. :grinning:

I understood what you’ve said. But a bug is a bug, fixing that will make it capable of more interesting mixes.

Since there is no second LFE channel in Atmos, Nuendo would have to automatically merge both LFE channels into one LFE. Of course, that’s not really optimal either, is it? In any case, there would have to be further settings to determine the ratio between the two channels.

But I must admit that I have never sent a complete x.1 track as objects to the Atmos renderer. (For the reasons I described above.) So what does Nuendo do with the “first” LFE channel? Where does it route the signal?

Nuendo will merge those 2 LFE channels and send it as the 4th channel to the Dolby renderer as an object. The object place at center bottom, which isn’t meant to be right because in other channel formats, when sending as objects ,the LFE should be ignored.

You can try it by adding an 22.2 output bus in audio connection and make another 22.2 track then send it to the renderer to see the routing.