22 seconds of input lag using Akai MPK 249

Odd one here. Tried inputting a few notes into Dorico using my MPK 249 (worked when I was using it a couple of years back). Didn’t hear anything so started searching… and 22 seconds later I hear the notes I played! MPK 249 is working fine with Cubase. Using WIN 10 and Steinberg UR12. Updated the UR12 drivers… and now I can’t even hear it with the 22 seconds lag.

MPK249 is showing up in Preferences-- Midi Input Devices. Green light doesn’t appear to be blinking when I play a note. Manual note input via my computer keyboard working fine. Tried switching to Generic Low Latency Driver. MIDI-Ox is showing normal Note On/Note Off events, no apparent streams of MIDI events like in some posts I’ve seen

I’ll continue searching but if anyone has an ideas please let me know.

I wonder whether it’s possible that the keyboard could be flooding Dorico with some kind of continuous clock or active sensing data? If you monitor the MIDI connection from your keyboard, do you see anything other than the notes you play coming through?

Hi Daniel!

Yep, I used Midi-Ox to monitor the connection. There’s nothing there but the note on/off events, as far as I can see. I attached a screenshot here. I find it odd that this 22-second lag was happening and then when I updated the Steinberg driver, it completely stopped.

In addition, Zoom started popping notices up at me about switching which microphone input and sound output it was using during my Zoom meeting just now; haven’t ever seen that before and I’m thinking about trying to revert to the older driver but I suspect that’s not possible.

So I assume the events appear instantly in MIDI-OX, and then take a further 20 seconds to appear in Dorico? I really don’t have a good explanation for this, I’m afraid!

Please do Help > Create Diagnostic Report and attach it here. Perhaps @Ulf will have some bright ideas as well.

Okay… what the heck??

Daniel, I had done a complete restart of my rig earlier. No joy. I did an hour long Zoom meeting and came back to try to troubleshoot… and it’s working. This is one of those where I go ‘Glad it’s working, but why did this happen?’. Anyway sorry to have taken up your time on this.

No worries at all. It’s certainly extremely mysterious. Hopefully the problem doesn’t recur!

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Hmmm… I suggest calling the exorcist… :ghost:

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