22KHz spike in Voxengo Span - what's happening here?

I’m getting a spike at 22Khz on all my projects. The spike seems to get bigger the more tracks are in a project, but is also present in a completely new and empty project with no tracks.

Span Image attached below - can anyone explain why this is happening?

Hmm, no spikes here in SPAN. Is it the same with SPAN 3.1? Any info on your hardware?

I’m using actually Span 2.5.

To see the spike its necessary to edit the spectrum to show frequency higher than 22K and Range as low as 180.

Hardware: I’m on a PC, HP Z420, Intel Xeon E5-1620@ 3600MHz, 24GB RAM, Windows 7 Pro 64-bit, Soundcard : RME Babyface Pro connected with USB.

To see the spike its necessary …

I know, but no spikes here (SPAN 3.1)

Is the monitor button on, somewhere in the chain?

At Nyquist?

Well, I updated Span to the latest version … and no spike is showing now.

Presuming it wasn’t Span that caused it, I wonder why an older version of the programme would display it? Hmm …