#23: Muse-My most "made with Steinberg" yet ;)

#23 in my song a month affair is, as the title suggests, my most Steinbergy one yet since there are almost no real instruments and the percussion and synths are Steinberg’s. Voice is still mine I’m afraid.

Electronic drums : Groove Agent
Synths: Halion
DAW: Cubase 11 Pro

Share, enjoy and stay safe good folks.

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I hadn’t heard any of your other “song a month” material, so I’m entering into it with this one. This reminded me of some early 80’s stuff along the lines of Howard Jones or Haircut 100, but a bit more minimal.
Not sure if that type of thing is any particular influence on you, or if you were going for anything like that. It was well executed along the lines of that era and genre (reverbed vocal sound and sequenced repeats).
No real suggestions on my part beyond fleshing it out a little bit more with a few more instruments and/or parts. If you were going for that early 80’s vibe, most people I remember from then did have real guitars, basses, horns, etc. with them on many of their tracks. The vocal might also benefit from another voice or 2 behind you on any sort of refrain that’s there. Those are just subjective ideas borne from my own tastes, so if you’re happy as things are, that’s great.
Good luck with this, and I hope it’ll have the impact you might’ve intended.

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Thanks Swatch for taking the time to listen and indeed comment. I’m always up for constructive criticism and probably even more interested in what artists people hear in my releases (perversely).
I was aiming at earlier synth music than those you mention though don’t mind at all you hearing them in my track, they’re fine artists after all.
I’m an aging punk and my introduction to synth bands came with the original version of the Human League when they were bizarrely thrown onto a gig line-up that featured The Mekons, The Fall, The Gang of Four and Stiff Little Fingers (four guitar bands if you’re not in the know)…one of those unforgettable moments in live music for me. My other synth icon is Vince Clarke and I was probably thinking mostly of his work as Yazoo on this one.
I’ve nothing against real instruments along with synths but for this one (though written on a guitar) it wouldn’t have been right for me, I was after a minimalist feel.
As far as impact goes, I’m in this for fun but it seems to have gone down well with those who have liked my other tracks so that’s good. The next one is very much back to the guitars though.

Thanks again for commenting, cheers! :beer: :beer: :musical_keyboard:

As always Nic, you choose sounds well and use them even better. Really enjoyed this one.


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Aw thanks Jonathan, really glad you liked it and thanks for saying so.
I did spend a bit of time trying to get the sounds right, glad it paid off (it just wasn’t working as a 12string ballad!).

Cheers, Nic.

Great Nic, do please keep them coming. I’m a big fan of your singing. More guitar on this one!

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Thanks @Early21 , glad you liked it…my singing is an acquired taste of a thing I think, not sure something I’ve acquired myself totally yet but I’m the only one who’ll sing my songs so I’m stuck with it.
I shall carry on as long as I can, though i think there may be a slowing down this year…FWIW, the next one, I’m glad to say has more guitar.
Cheers always! :sunglasses: :guitar: NiC