#24 - anger

Back to the guitars for #24 in my song a month project.

For those interested in such, guitars and bass DI and using Helix Native Amp Sim.
Drums are Superior Drummer 3
Recorded, mixed and mastered in Cubase 11 Pro.

Share a, enjoy and stay safe good people. Cheers, Nic.

Interesting song! The sound of this reminds me a bit of the Rolling Stones. Cool!

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Reminds me of something I would have loved listening to in my teenage years (I’m 46). For some reason when it first started I was feeling a bit of an Elvis Costello vibe … which is a good thing! I dig it!

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Thanks @Rene_L glad you liked it, I’ll take a Stones comparison. :sunglasses:

Thanks @Scab_Pickens , glad you liked it. An Elvis Costello vibe is very cool, indeed so cheers!

Not sure I’ve gown out of this style since my teenage years (though I try other things I seem to come back to songs like this)… and I’m 61. :grinning:

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Cool jams here, thanks for sharing, very nice guitars and bass, some parts of the vocals bring Adam Ant to mind, great mix too :slight_smile:

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Thanks @deangersmith, glad you liked it.
Adam Ant eh? Been a while since I’ve thought of the old AntMeister but always enjoyed his stuff from the early alternative to the latter more commercial… cheers! :ant: :ant: :ant: :ant:

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Yes I enjoyed his music growing up and still do when having a bit of a reminisce about the primary school days lol.

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Great stuff; beautifully arranged and mixed. The vocals sound to me like a cross between Elvis Costello and Bowie, very listenable.


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That is cool, Nic. Took me back in time but brought me to now. Thank you.


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Thanks Steve…Bowie/Costello cross is an excellent thing to sound like to me. :grinning:

Glad you liked it, thanks for commenting. Cheers!

Thanks Jonathan

I like that, kind of what I’m after. Cheers!

Nice, like the guitar sounds. Telecaster?

Thanks @Early21 , no actually on this it was my rather nice JazzMaster (with humbuckers). It’s Fender Player edition so wasn’t expensive but a really lovely guitar to play and great for a slightly crunchier tones than the Tele can manage.


I am thinking these Fender Player guitars are actually quite good. I recently got a Fender Player strat, and I’m pretty happy with it so far. I can’t find any flaws, and the sound is as I expected with alnico coils. JazzMaster is on my list for when I get rich and can have a bunch of guitars. But let’s point out, for anybody who isn’t following, that the Jazzmaster is Elvis Costello’s guitar! So no wonder it sounds so good!

@Early21 [quote=“Early21, post:15, topic:769037, full:true”]
I am thinking these Fender Player guitars are actually quite good.
I think they probably vary a bit but there are certainly some very good ones and then some that are just good!
This one was an extra bargain as it was £100 off because of a couple of small dents in the back…apparently during Covid there was a rush of people taking up guitar so our small local guitar shop had been unable to get any new Fenders but he could get “transit damaged ones”. I’d seen loads of these advertised on FB but hadn’t cottoned on why he was getting so many slightly damaged guitars until I asked him! As soon as I picked it up I knew it would be coming home, it just sounds great even before plugging in. It also has the tone pot switch that allows it to go from humbucker to single coil which I’d wanted on a Fender for ages.


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Yeah!! nice !!! rocknroll aint dead.

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Thanks, while I’m still breathing hopefully yes there’ll still be some rock’n’roll around! :guitar: :drum:

Hi Nic,
Yes, you did bring the guitars back. I remember you mentioning your punk/new wave days from an earlier song. They’re on display here. The arpeggiated chords reminded me of someone from that era that I can’t quite place, It’s that kind of sound. I’ll go back even a little further to say I can hear things that remind me of Ian Hunter from Mott the Hoople. It all comes together nicely, and I’m glad to hear the Helix stuff being used to good effect. I remember we connected on that front before too. Nice work!

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Thanks John…yes, this sound is kind where I still live in my head I think. This doesn’t mean I don’t try and enjoy newer things, I just go back eventually.

Ian Hunter eh? I was a fan back in the day but actually became an even bigger fan later after hearing Mick Jones from the Clash speak of how Mott helped form his musical education (and I was a very big Clash fan). Funny how these things come round.

And yes, very much still loving the Helix and indeed still learning new things it can be made to do.

Cheers, Nic.