24 bit audio support update

I Just wondered if adding 24 bit audio support to Cubasis would be a big deal for the developers?
I.E. would there be a big performance hit? You see, I really don’t understand why a Pro Audio company like Steinberg would release a 16 bit audio app in 2012?
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The developers of Auria don’t seem to have had any problems using 24 bit audio…
This question has been asked several times including by myself… However no Steinberg ‘official’ has directly answered this question yet?

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24-bit is on our feature request list! :slight_smile:

Thank you for your reply…
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24 bit is not a feature Steinberg people, it’s as common in iOS now as almost every audio app already has except for Cubasis. Features are New plugins, sample wave editing, Buss processors, Buss channels, ect. But not the basics like audio format, synths that you can tweak not just GM synths, Sample rate choices ect. Ect. Ect.
Why this pro company is acting so amateur and like they don’t even know what a Daw is, is beyond me , but it really makes me sorry I ever purchased Cubasis. This has led me to never own a Steinberg product ever again. Sorry Steinberg but you lost my attention.