24-bit file in Montage, yet can burn to Audio CD?

Very nice feature - but what is happening with the surplus-to-requirements bits?
Are they (the 24-bit files) being truncated down to 16-bit, or is dither being applied?
If dither is being applied, what type is it please?

Just curious - I expected to get an error message telling me the montage was not to CD specs…

As a rule of thumb, WaveLab does not apply processing without your knowledged. In this case, nothing is done. It’s your responsability to add your favourite 16 bit dithering plugin.

So it’s truncating the 24-bit file then?
Appreciate the info.

Should there not be a warning about this - there used to be (and still is) in the basic audio CD creation tool.
It seems strange that WL would reduce quality without telling you

I’m also still bothered about when a plugin in the master section is written to CD and when it is not, otherwise I would use a dither plugin (I have reproducible cases where plugins in the master section are still applied even when the box is ticked to bypass them)

If I may just re-open this thread … If I open 2496 files in Audio Montage, as long as I apply dither and Crystal Resampler in the master section, the resulting file or CD will be 1644 … correct ?

Yes, that’s correct, when set to 16 bit and 44.1 kHz ofcourse. And, when saving the resulting file, you need to specify 16 and 44 again in the file preferences.

Could be difficult for WL to decide. The Master section might get used for a whole lot of other things than the montage / CD creation… how would Wavelab know whether you put a dithering plug-in in one of the slots or whether the signal contains dither? There are a lot of variables.

Personally, I quite like it that it is up to the user to decide without any warning messages. After all, if you are writing a CD, one of the final things you are almost always going to consider is what kind of dither you are going to apply, since almost all montages these days are going to feature 24-bit of 32-bit float source files and are almost always going to feature some fades or changes which are expressed in 32-bit float. So must of us are going to need to dither as a matter of routine, when writing a CD.

The bit meter could help when playing the material before writing the CD, just to make sure that the signal is being expressed in 16-bits (according to the settings of the dithering plug-in).

Hello Everyone!!!

I’m new to Wavelab 7.

Also trying to burn 24/96 files right into a CD that will play anywhere, any car etc…

Can anyone detail even more this process? - Very confusing in Wavelab 7.

Dither and Crystal Resampler must be applied correct?, is the Audio Montage still needed? this is for spacing right?

When do the files convert automatically to 16/44.1?, can we have less Windows in the process?

Remember how easy PEAK PRO was?, can Steinburg please make Wavelab 8 more like PEAK was? - Less is more!!!

Appreciate all comments and ideas in great detail.

I have a big Mastering project and I need to figure this out.

Thank you!!!




You can add the Crystal Resampler to the Master Section, and some dither, and render the Montage with the option “Copy markers + Create CD Image + Open new montage”. That will create a 44.1 copy that you will be able to burn.

And yes, in next WaveLab version, all tihs will be much easier.


Thank You Philippe!!!

How much longer until Wavelab 8 ???


Does anybody know how long until Wavelab 8 comes out please?

How much for the upgrade from 7???


Wavelab has never been a one-stop click-and-go mastering software, and I certainly hope it won’t become that. Less is not more - less is automatic garbage if we’re not careful. Converting automatically to 16/44.1 may be useful for CD-burning for some, but I prefer to be in control of what’s happening. Wavelab offers ultimate control - and up to now demands control - and that means optimum quality if used well.

Next version date and price are not known by anyone here except PG, and he’s known to be rather secretive about it. My guess for WL8 is the Frankfurter Musikmesse in April…