24 EDO quarter tone accidental entry not working

Is anyone else experiencing this issue? I’ve tried both the Dorico 24 EDO default and manually inputting and neither will allow me to input quarter-tone accidentals of any kind. :question:

I’m afraid that due to a couple of bugs the extended tonality features are not working for note input; you would find quarter-tones import OK from MusicXML, but this doesn’t help with inputting them. I’m very sorry for the inconvenience but we will have this working much better in the near future.

Hi Daniel,

Thanks for the info - glad it wasn’t something dumb I was doing!

Looking forward to the updates!

Read my previous post for a workaround while we wait: https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=246&t=104028

In the new version the quarter tone accidentals are still not working.
How long will it approximately take to make them work?

You should be able to get them working now (in 1.0.10). First, choose the desired tonality system from the drop-down at the top of the Key Signatures and Accidentals panel. Next, create an open or atonal key signature in the score, by typing Shift+K and then typing e.g. “open” into the popover, and hit Return. Now you should find that you can happily create any accidental in the selected tonality system anywhere following that (invisible) key signature change.

Hello Daniel

This is indeed working well with 1.0.10.

But, I am trying to open a xml generated from a Sibelius orchestra file file that contains quarter tones and everything is tempered.
Changing the key to open (the document was already in the right tonality system, I don’t know why) does not fix the quarter tone notes. They stay tempered.
Is there a workaround that I don’t see, like a default file with the right tonality system and open key ?

All the best

When you say tempered, do you mean that the playback is treating the notes as if they were written without accidentals? If so, I’m afraid that’s to be expected: Dorico does not yet support playback of microtonal accidentals, but it is planned.

No, I don’t mean playback.
The quarter tones notes are all written out as tempered notes.


And plackback without the need to apply a plugin beforehand a most welcome feature !
I know of only one software doing that (notability)

Can you attach the MusicXML file you’re importing, so we can take a look? Please zip it up before you attach it. Thanks.

Hello Daniel
I sent you a link via private message but I’m not sure it was sent.
It is still in my outbox in my user control panel…