24 GB VST Sounds folder - where does it belong?

When I installed 10.5 upgrade, I unzipped to my windows desktop. Now I have a big VST Sounds folder (as well as the installer and some other things) on my desktop. I think they should be elsewhere. Can anyone tell me if I can move the folder, and where it really belongs?

Also, I still have all the content from 9.0 installed. Can I remove that safely or will I lose something I may need if I open an older project?


Use the installer, please. It will place it to the correct folders.

Thanks for the advice. I used the installer again. This time I extracted to the default location: from the download folder to the download folder and reinstalled. Now I have the VST Content folder in my download folder. That’s even less desirable. What am I doing wrong?


Double-check the Steinberg Library Manager, please. How is the content path set there?

Trash Bin


Then I would recommend to set the content path to some common folder, please.