24 Max MIDI Ports?

It appears that Dorico does not support more than 24 MIDI ports. Is that correct?

I am using Vienna Ensemble Pro Server with 48 Ports in an instance. The moment I connect it to Dorico the available ports in VEP reduce to 24. I made sure that my Endpoint Configuration contains 48 ports.

I am using Dorico 4.2, VEP 7.1, and MacOS Big Sur.


Are you saying that for each VEPro Instance you are trying to use 48 ports, each with 16 midi channels for a total of 768 midi channels? If so, how many instruments are you hosting in each instance and are you having them all on separate audio output channels or are they all routed to the VEPro Master Bus?

I’m hosting Spitfire Symphony Orchestra in VEPro Server using UADD protocol. That requires all the instruments in a Kontakt Multi to be in OMNI mode. Therefore, each Multi requires its own MIDI port. I’m not utilizing MIDI channels at all. It’s quite different than the way Halion works, for example.

VEPro maxes out at 48 MIDI Ports. Dorico appears to be unlimited in terms of how many Ports can be assigned to tracks and/or created in an Endpoint Configuration.

I just find it odd that when I connect the VEPro Server instance to Dorico the ports beyond 24 don’t work and are suddenly not available in the dropdown list in VEPro. All the audio outputs work fine as far as I can tell.

I haven’t tried this in other apps like Cubase so I can’t tell if it’s a Dorico limit or a Mac OS or what.

All it really means is that I will have to make more VEPro instances than I would like. It’s an ok workaround.

Check the VEPro server preferences instances tab. I’m guessing you have 24 in the ports limit.

I did make sure to have 48 available instances in VEP preferences. In fact before I connect the server to Dorico I can see all 48 available in VEP’s dropdown list. After server connection that same dropdown list only has 24 available. Another interesting aspect is that the instruments I have assigned above 24 retain those numbers both in VEP and Dorico (but they don’t function).

This may not be a Dorico issue. I was just wondering if Dorico had a limit. I will also check this out at the Vienna Forum.

Dorico supports up to 99 ports.

I just built a test case with 48 ports specified in VE Pro and instruments on port 1, 2 and 48. All are seen and working correctly.

I could not get that to work with Kontakt instruments with omni specified. So this may be where the problem lies.

I used VI Pro instruments which are single channel midi devices.

I was also able to get Kontakt instruments to work when specifying a single midi channel for each Kontakt instrument. And I could see ports 1, 2 and 48.

Thanks very much. I’ll also search Kontakt forums to see if I find anything regarding OMNI. There is also the x factor that I am hosting VEP on an external PC networked with Ethernet.