240 GB for win 10 OS for cubase 10 + VST.

Hi can i install , 240 GB for win 10 OS only on the SSD and install cubase 10 + all my VST / Vsti on a 2 TB and the rendering on another 2 TB both 7200 r.p.m ?? is that possible n will it work thankx… ws

Yes… I have mine a similar way.
Also helps makes upgrading drives and mitigating crashes.

Thankx ,
RE : Also helps makes upgrading drives and mitigating crashes.
how ?? u still have to go thru the entire process of reinstalling Cubase , Vst? Vsti/s all over again , quite a tedious n time consuming job.

as of now i switched my internet laptop to Crucial BX 500 , hardly seen any drastic difference , i think the 10x speed ones should work better ill try that …

Because all your data is on the other drive. Yes you have to install the VSTs and OS but the data stuff is already there like samples, your pix documents, Videos, Downloads etc…so you don’t have to spend time doing that also.

I have my OS on 1, Cubase Video editing and Main programs on 2, Songs saved on 3,Samples on 4, DATA etc…

thats nice , so basically u wouldn’t need more that 240 Gb for the OS … thats good enough Thankx .

Thankx all said , does a SSD improve latency n speed , how ever u compare that for Cubase 10.5 ?? if so how ?? n which model n make is the fastest n recomended … i got a 240 GB Crucial BX 500 make SSD installed on to an i3 laptop… hardly seen any difference to the older RPM based hard disk , even no noticeably boot up difference ???

In my experience it does improve latency and speed. If you didn’t see an increase before it might have been because the bottleneck was elsewhere and I think you’d have to look a bit more closely at the computer to see where that could have been (chipsets, drivers, sata versions, CPU capability to actually use the data etc).

As for the following:

What I do is back up my system drive to a spinning drive using Macrium Reflect. If I have a failure I have several drives lying around, including SSD drives, and I also have a laptop (all drives can fit in some external case with USB or something). So if I have a failure the worst case scenario is I get a new SSD quickly online or in a store, and then I restore to that using my laptop from my backup drive. Of course a faster way of doing it is to always have a second OS SSD in an external case good to go.

By the way, Macrium Reflect allows you to do the backups while your OS is running, which isn’t something that all programs allow. It also does incremental and differential updates if you put them on a backup drive, meaning each time you do it the backup time won’t be too long (just be mindful of stuff that isn’t actually needed that ends up on your system drive anyway, like in a downloads folder where you might have not cleaned out old software updates etc… they’ll be backed up as well if your “mirror” your OS, making the required backup space a fair amount larger over time).

So if you’re really serious about backing up you should think it through and find a good solution.

above could be the crucial BX 500 , ill be searching for the 10 X fast speed one … n as far as backup , thankx Ill check out Macrium reflect … n may be the F8 , safe mode coulkd bring back to a certain restore point ??? thankx any way