240 GB for win 10 OS for cubase 10 + VST?

Hi can i install , 240 GB for win 10 OS only on the SSD and install cubase 10 + all my VST / Vsti on a 2 TB and the rendering on another 2 TB both 7200 r.p.m ?? is that possible n will it work thankx… ws

Normally people install all applications on the system drive.

With prices the way they are today I don’t really think there’s any good reason to buy a system drive under about 480GB.

I don’t think you’ll absolutely will run out of space - you might not - but it’s just not that much more money to pay to not have to worry about it. I’m using 267GB on my current system drive and have about 197GB left. I could probably have gotten away with a smaller drive, but why would I?

PS: Yes, you can move instruments, sample libraries etc to a separate drive.

When you write “rendering” I’m not sure what you mean by that. If you’re doing audio only then in your case I would use one system drive at about 500GB, one “Work Drive” for all audio projects on another SSD, and then I’d pick a third drive for backing up all of the other stuff, and the backup drive can be a slow spinning hard drive.

But you don’t need to have a separate ‘target’ ‘rendering’ drive for audio, especially if you already run your projects on an SSD.

If you’re doing video work it can be a different matter.