24fps - 25fps - 29.97fps Help!!!!

Hey there

I’ve got a 120min film that is 24fps that needs to have a version to match 25fps for the PAL market and 29.97fps for NTSC.

Here’s what I understand is best practice. After rendering the master make a new project the same as the file (48K 16bit 24 fps) using Time stretch Solo Musical shrink the file to the new value.

24 - 25 at 96%
24 -29.97 ?% (don’t know this value???)

And also would you recommend then re-export the file to a new 48k 16 bit File or just go get the redered file out of the project audio directory?

Can anyone give me clear instructions to do this. Cheers

There is great Steinberg document about this… Look at manuals.

Awesome have manual here but can’t see it - what is it under?

Here you are http://www.sendspace.com/file/st12g2