25 keys controller for VST instruments on Cubase 11: Novation?

Hi. I am looking for 25 mini-keys controller to control VST instruments (synths and drum-machines) in Cubase Pro 11.
I am NOT interested in controlling the mixer and other functions.
Therefore, the ideal controller should have:

  • 25 keys (possibly in a mini size)
  • pitch & mod wheels/strips
  • min.8 pads (for drums playing)
    I am looking at the new Novation Launchkey mini mkIII, but I am a bit concerned about the compatibility with Cubase and can’t find enough material on the net to let me feel comfortable.
    Did anyone test this controller?
    Any suggestion about alternative controllers from other brands?
    [Cubase Pro 11 / Win10 / RME madi usb + Ferrofish ADDA]