25 Licenses for Cubase LE needed ....

Hey everybody ,

My need to communicate with Steinberg via mail is very difficult to be found. So if there is someone who knows whom with I have to contact ,please let me know .

Subject: 25 licenses for Cubase LE needed

Greece 2016

25 sound engineering students of a public -no budget -school .

It’s obvious they can’t afford to pay for private school ,and they also don’t have the budget to buy the full version of cubase ,not even the educational version .(it’s what they are gone to be examined )
So many free LE are given through musicians hardware .
I was wondering,if there is a chance to get some cubase LE version ,of that type,in order to avoid
be learned through a not registered product?

Thank you
Mika Spanos
Sound Engineer

Try emailing to this address…


Regards :sunglasses:

Thank you so much