£25 reward for solving midi problem

I will send anyone who solves my long-term midi problem £25. Genuine offer.

Problem: “My midi keyboard won’t play the instrument that is selected in key edit. It only plays the instrument that is selected in the project window.”

For example, if flute and string tracks are in the key edit window, and I select and trigger the flute notes with mouse then the flute plays. However, my midi keyboard will only play the instrument that is highlighted in the project window, which could be strings, flute or any other instrument.
What is the solution? What settings should I make in the Studio options tab?

(Cubase 9.5, mpk mini midi device, i7, SSD drive, Cinesamples playing in Kontakt.)

PM Sent.

Follow the step in the animated gif attached. Does this fix the issue?

Thanks for that. 3 bloody months I’ve struggled with this shit. It seems to work. WHY ISN’T IT MENTIONED IN THE FCKING MANUAL!
It looks like its only money that gets the right answers here. Maybe that’s too nasty of me, but this is the third time I’ve made the complaint/problem.
It looks like I’ll have to send you 25 pounds you bastard. Thanks for that. I will test it out first (suppertime now) more extensively. Then money will be on its way. You might have to send me your account number. Will let you know tomorrow.

I couldn’t ask Steinberg because they take a month to respond, and then only in general terms. Bllx. But glad in the end.

I’m going to be Steves agent so i’d like a couple of quid as well please.

Get in line. :stuck_out_tongue: Not sure I can claim the prize anyway, I just gave the same answer others had already proposed to him. :sunglasses:

Hang on Steve. I had a day off and now my audio isn’t working. Every day brings a new problem. I’m waiting for my soundcard (arrives Monday). It looks like your suggest might work tho. If you want to throw in a few other helps for free let me know. I need some.
As far as I can see noone gave me this answer before. I reckon in twenty years of asking this is the first time any answer has worked.

Hang on - Steve, did you know that someone had already given the solution?

Are you serious? I said that 3 days ago in my post above.

Please, don’t send money. In my pm to you I offered to do a remote screen sharing (Teamviewer) session with you. Since I train people in Steinberg and DAW/Notation software professionally, I’m always happy to do an online session, and I would have been happy to do a short session with you for £25. The animated gif I made for you is free, and the solution to your problem, well, if you had only read and processed the info in previous replies to your posts you would have had two solutions that I could count–

For the Key editor question, Martin answered it on June 11, then raino gave you an alternate way to accomplish the same thing on June 16. The answer I gave you is just the same as what Martin said, but maybe since you thought you were going to pay for it, you made more of an effort to interpret and use it.

This info is certainly in the manual, and I notice that no one was so snide as to suggest you read it.

Forum members here have been pretty generous with their time, and tried to help you out when you first bought Cubase 9.5, to help you understand what was on your hard drive, by giving in-depth answers to your questions, by answering your questions quickly, and when users like Prock wrote out a detailed, clear and correct explanation about saving Templates.

There’s a wealth of knowledge in those links, plus there are tons of videos on YouTube that you can learn from.

Okay? Thanks for reading

I haven’t seen a solution to my problem I mentioned except the solution that came from you, for which I am eternally gtrateful. It solved a three month problem.
You said that someone else gave another solution but as I said, I haven’t seen it.

I recently found the spot in the manual where it referred to the bit I needed. “Record in Editor” was obscure because it only said “enables the recording of midi data in the editor if the editor has the focus”. It wasn’t recording that was my problem.

I spent the first month watching and paying for cubase video’s. I’ve had my system for three months and every day I try and get it to work. So far I haven’t been able to do so, with other problems in Kontakt being seemingly unresolvable. Its ok for the guys who have got it to work but here its not looking so good. That is why I offered money. I still don’t mind sending it but you said the solution was already given by someone else.

If you’re interested, I provided links to all that I referred to in my previous post. Read it, or don’t. But I would bet that the root of your daw problems lie in how you pay attention to the details.

I get it. There’s a simple misunderstanding. When I asked
“did you know that someone had already given the solution?”

  • I was not informing you that someone had given the solution just after you gave it. I was asking you to confirm your statement that someone else had given the solution before you. That’s the question I was asking.
    (Also just as a reminder, your advice dated July 9th worked. I said that on July 10th. )