250 Euros for an update from 7.5 to 9 == too much

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Then don’ t buy - that simple

your IQ is high

Certainly you must know.

it’s obvious

In my case from 8.5 to 9 it’s around 90-99 euros (different currency), that’s fair enough, i did the step :slight_smile:

I’am not sure about the calculation
7.5>8 = 99
8>8.5 = 50
8.5>9 = 99
So in fact people pay the same price as they would have bought each update, is that correct ?

For those who decide to wait from 7.5 for different reason, like for example saving money, then yes i think it’s a little to much.

It force people to follow and buy each update, not every body around the world can afford all that money.
If my calculation is correct, a little reduction for this waiting would be fair :wink: My personal feeling :wink:

It forces nobody to anything.

It’s more than the price I paid for Pro 9 from nothing, by being creative with updates and the grace period. So for me it makes your update look pretty expensive alright…

It seems like the cheapest upgrade strategy is buying the $50 x.5 update, then activating it in the next full version’s grace period, every 2 years. This way you can go from Pro 7 to Pro 9 for $100, so $25 a year. The downside is that you have to wait a while for your updates…

Just a normal prize.
If you don’t want to upgrade every year don’t complain it’s to expansive.
We all paid 250 euro’s.

A person can decide to not upgrade, because it’s not using it, or lack of money. If you decide to upgrade later basically you have to pay for every upgrade you not been using! at this time an upgrade from cubase 4 cost almost has much has from 7.5!
Thumbs Down because it’s not a fair price IMO.

Sorry, but I am with kimbo72.

We all payed 250 euro’s to go from 7.5 to 9. I cannot see why it is unfair that you pay the same price as everyone else did.

Now - If you pay lower than 250 euro’s it would be really unfair… Against us… See? It works for both sides… :wink:

but you been using cubase updates, i didn’t! right? with your logic cubase 4/5/6 users upgrading price is unfair because they pay less then you paid!

Yep - I hate them deeply. Those cheap buggers… :imp:

Anyway - I do not think that 250 euro’s is too much. But you can always wait with making the purchase. The longer you wait (a few years or so) the less your relative upgrade will cost. There is a big chance that upgrading from 7.5 to 12 or even 14 will be more valuable for you. Take your chance… :wink:

right! but that would still be unfair to you! why you sugesting this still?

Sure - Why not? That I think someone is a “cheap bugger”, can also mean that I am a bit jealous…

I am weak, so I cannot wait (too long) for buying an update. Really - I wish I would had the patience to hold on to Cubase 4 to get a update for such a cheap price. But alas, I can’t… I’m weak…(sob)… :frowning:

you might be weak , but not for upgrading! that’s called a choice.

What I don’t understand is why 8.0>9.0 is $200 when the upgrade from 8.0>8.5 was $50, and 8.5>9.0 is $100?

Till then I’ll continue my whinging. :smiley:

The price is only too high if you don’t need the features.
7.5 and 8 had some pretty awesome features IMHO (some that trickled down from Nuendo where users like me have been paying a lot more)
I use Steinberg software on a daily basis and make my money with it. I’d say it’s a steal. If I would want to upgrade my PT 11HD license to 12HD (annual software plan), I’d pay a reinstatement fine of over 1000 Euros, now THAT’s ridiculous for close to no new features and an upgraded splash screen. Fortunately PT12 HD is a mess so I’d just as well not upgrade it anymore and discard the license for that bug ridden piece of cr&/). :mrgreen:

ofcourse the price being high or low is a personal feel, and depends how much value you can create with it / how much income you have to spend and market laws. I am saying is too high because 250 Euros is the price i’d have to pay if upgraded every update but without using it meanwhile and is an opinion.

…as has already been said, if you don’t need it and think it too expensive then don’t buy it.

But also if you don’t need it right now then wait a bit. There will almost certainly be an enticing cheaper offer at some point. I didn’t consider that I needed to move from 8.0 to 8.5 when it was first released and left it until I was offered an upgrade for £21.60 which seemed good value to me.

My previous upgrade from 6 to 8 had been also been a special offer IIRC though don’t recall the exact cost.