250GB = not enough space to export?

Hi,i have rocord my first project in cubase LE5.
Is 2’45",so is small project.
I go to export menu,choose my hard disc drive or external hard disc drive with 250GB free space and then a window appears and said that there is not enough space on disc available for export.
Why?With 250GB free…??

Thank you in advance

Locators reversed…?

I thing they are alright but i will check it again

The locators are alright
Here is a screen shot to check it out if someone can find something


What he said…

Regards :sunglasses:

The left is and the right is so,i have to reverse them to become left and right

Yes what I said - which is why I said it…

Obviously they aren´t.


I have no experience with music editing programs.
Thank.all of you for your help

That’s why most of them come with a manual.