28 inch Monitor

I have become used to using my 28 inch monitor and my multi monitor setup in my studio. Wavelab is great on the 28 inch monitor and OK on the multi monitor setup but… whoa… I had a problem in the studio and was left with one 19 inch monitor, Wavelab on one smallish screen, how can you possibly work with that? I assume some of us have to!! BTW I worked with earlier versions of Wavelab with one small screen and managed no problem. Is up to date software designed around large monitors?

I think up to date software should be designed around smaller monitors, not larger monitors or multiple monitors. Almost every producer and recording engineer in the world has a version of their recording/mixing software running on their notebook (whether it be Pro Tools, Logic or Steinberg), and like Wavelab 6, the design of those programs suit the smaller size.

But the design of Wavelab 7 does not suit the size of 17" or 19" monitors I’m used to running old Wavelab on, and it’s something I think should be seriously looked at for some design mods to better enable that.

You can close tool windows and make them float when needed, to work with small screens. But big screens are standard, and according to my feedback, this is what the vast majority of WaveLab users have.
… Don’t expect a smartphone version in the future :wink:

I have two 17" monitors which work very well for me, have been using that for quite a while - at least since WL5. I have my montage and wave screen on the left and the meter tools (and the master section) floating on the left screen… make sure you have a decent graphics card!

PG - no smartphone version??? I want my money back!!!