29.92fps? What?

Just been given a video to work to. Client wants BWAV delivery.

Cubase reads the video as being 29.92 fps, which is a new one on me. If I go into Project Setup and Frame Rate: Get From Video, Cubase throws up “Getting fps from video is not possible”.

What on earth is going on here?

Should add I have asked the client a similar question, but expect I’ll get a more enlightening response here than from them :wink:

Can you import the video into another application to see what something other than Cubase makes of it ?

Also make sure your QT is updated. (Though I can’t see this being the issue)

Otherwise all I can suggest is ask the client to check what they have output or transcode it to the most likely intended 29.97

Thanks for the thoughts - the client have sent me a 25fps PAL version as that what they are getting broadcast at.