2nd computer No License Found Activation Manager USB eLicenser

Having an issue with my second PC.

I have the USB dongle plugged in, and eLicenser shows all good.
I open Cubase Elements 12, Login to Steinberg Activation manager says no license found

I tried restarting the PC.
Re plugging the USB dongle.



Cubase 12 licenses are not stored on the USB-eLicenser. They are using the Steinberg Activation Manager software.

Is the 2nd computer online? Did you login to the same MySteinberg account as you are logged in on the 1st computer where is your Cubase running (I assume)?

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Thank you for replying.

Yes I’m logging in with my same account on the 2nd computer.
Cubase is not running on the 1st computer when I try to activate the 2nd.


Cubase can run on the other computer. It can be used at 3 computers at once.

Are you sure you own Cubase Elements, please?

I started with Ai4 years ago, and have upgraded it multiple times. The last upgrade was from Elements 11 to Elements 12.

I am certain I have Cubase Elements 12 upgraded from Elements 11
“Cubase Elements 11 (Upgraded to Cubase 12 with Steinberg Licensing)”
When I use the Download Assistant it show products I own as well.

Thank you for the reply.

The “Activation Manager” when I click the “Activate” button it says “Activation Limit Reached” but I only ever used it on 1 PC, I did reformat my PC recently but I deactivated in the “Activation Manager” and I still have access to the old drive and OS. Windows 10.


In this case get in touch with the local Steinberg support, please.

Thank you very much.

I deactivated 12 on my old OS main PC, and was able activate it on the Laptop.
So I’m only able to activate it on 2 computers or OS Installs not 3. So may still be an issue.

So is my USB eLicenser no good anymore?
We don’t need it ever again?
I just bought it recently.


As I said, Cubase 12 of not using the USB-eLicenser. With Cubase 12 you got 3 seats, so you should be able to activate it to 3 computers. But it seems you have 1 seat occupied by unknown computer. Please get in touch with your local Steinberg support, they will free the unknown seat for you.

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I just realized, I remember installing it on my HTPC briefly and uninstalling it.

Thanks. I will get in touch.

Appreciate the persistence.

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I was able to reinstall the Download Assistant / Activation Manager without even installing Cubase, and deactivate the computer. The license was still in the registry or something. I could not deactivate it until I attempted to sign in, it asked if I would like to remove the “Offline License” So I accepted and I was then able to “Activate” & Deactivate" that 3rd PC.

Again thank you very much.

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