2nd ending, but an incoming tied note?

See screenshot below. I’ve got m38 and m39 looking exactly the way I want them. But in m40, I need a copy of m39 (across several voices).

Anytime I try to select m39, I get the preceding tied note (shown in orange) which makes it impossible to copy and paste to m40.

I’d like the contents of m39 in m40, including that incoming tie. Any suggestions?

Screen Shot 2022-06-23 at 3.53.50 PM

You have to use a laisser vibrer tie in m40 and then move it backwards in engrave mode, or slur the last note of m39 into m40 and adjust that instead.

You need to put the caret at the start of the first ending and press U to cut the tie. (You can do that on multiple staves at once with SHIFT+DownArrow to set a multi-staff caret before pressing U.)

Then you will be able to copy the material under the first ending and paste it elsewhere.

Once you have done that, you will have to re-establish the tie(s) into the first ending and (I am guessing) use Romanos’s suggestion to add a simulated tie into the second ending.

Thank you!