2nd Hand Cubase 6 with elicenser USB dongle

Hi All,

In an effort to save some money AND grab a copy of Cubase which will function with the midi keyboard I am after I decided to go down the 2nd hand route.

I’m quite happy to get Cubase 6 and then sometime in the future (when I have spare cash!) buy a full copy, or the “Artist” copy.

The thing I am wondering is, will I have problems with a 2nd Hand Cubase 6 which comes with the elicenser USB dongle? I don’t want to buy it only to find it wont activate on my upcoming new PC.

Thanks for reading.

Aloha T,

I would check with the Steiny ‘support’ folks to
find out the proper way to do this.

Especially since (AFAIK) C6 is no longer officially supported.

Good Luck!

Licenses are activated at the time they are downloaded to the dongle. Then it just stays on the dongle. If you have a dongle with a license on it for Cubase 6, then Cubase 6 will run on any computer that can run it.

Look up USB licenser on the Steinberg support site.

Hi Folks,

Thanks for the responses. I have checked the relevant support pages and it seems the seller has to delete the registration of the USB elicenser from their MySteinberg account.


I have contacted the seller, who is aware of this and states that he will indeed do this when the sale is completed. Thankfully his Cubase use ended at 6 and hasn’t used it to upgrade (apparently the software & dongle would be useless if this was the case).

I am guessing that basically this will mean I am supplied an empty USB elicenser, allowing me to use it with the C6 I am purchasing. So, I am also guessing that I will be installing it as if I have bought it new (please correct me if I am wrong here). I’m also guessing that this will mean I can safely buy upgrades in the future to apply to this copy of C6.



No! You must be supplied a dongle with a license. End of story. Registration of the USB elicenser is a separate thing. The license is on the dongle and nowhere else. Registering the dongle itself allows you to use Steinberg support and Zero Downtime, but whether you do that or not, like I said before it’s the license on the USB elicenser key that allows you to run Cubase, and that is the only thing you are paying this person for.

Personally I would insist that he remove his registration before giving him any money.

Hi Steve, the dongle will be supplied in the sale, might not have made that clear enough in my post. He has agreed to remove registration prior to sending me the product. He will have to do that or he would infringe the agreement of the sale (have emails from him to back that up).

So, I will have the Cubase 6 installer, box and USB elicenser. This will be just like new then I guess (because he will have removed his registration).

Since you said

I just wanted to tell you that license is on the dongle- so not an empty dongle.

There is a resale wizard on the SB site, the seller should follow that.

Yeah, sent him link to resale wizard which he thanked me for. I just thought that when he removes his registration via MySteinberg the dongle would clear the license from it. I thought that when I install C6 on my PC that a new license would be put onto the dongle. Guess I am wrong on that one!

Finally received my new PC and Cubase 6 installed with zero problems.

Great to hear. have fun!