2nd hand Cubase 6

Hi all …

Newbie here.

I am in negotiation with a chap to buy his Cubase 6 and Halion 4 for £300 sterling. he states that he has relevent dongle/key … but can someone clarify for me what must be done when buying this software second hand ? The seller does seem a little bit vague about the processes required ? if someone can advise of how to proceed, I will go back to seller and make sure all is legit ?

Thanks one and all in advance …

Oh, and I forgot to mention that I am still running my very trusted Pc system, based on XP Home ( don’t tish to abandon XP yet ). I have read that 6 runs fine on XP, is this correct from those with actual experience ?

Here is a link to the Resale Wizard.
I don’t know exactly how the process works but I am fairly certain that it requires action on the seller’s part. So, if you don’t know the seller, just be sure they complete their portion of the Resale Wizard process.

The seller deletes his dongle registration in his “MySteinberg” account after that, you can register the dongle with the license to your account.