2nd license

Hi guys,
Just bought cubase 8.5. I could do with using this on my surface pro 3 as well. I had 2 licenses on 6.5 (desktop and laptop)-however there is no disk drive on the surface pro3. Is there any way I can get a license to use it on there, if so how would the mechanics of it work without using a drive? Or do I forget it?Thanks for your help.

I don’t really understand the problem. If you have a second licence it would be on your second usb licencer?
Since you own two licences for 6.5 you also must have 2 usb licencers.
For Cubase 8.5. You don’t need a drive. You can download the installer from your mysteinberg account

Thank you perhaps I didn’t explain it too well. I think I have it now. Thank you very much

I’m still stumped by the question. As I understand it, it’s one license, per elicenser, per purchase. So if you wanted to run it on a second laptop without removing your elicenser from your desktop, you’d probably have to have another elicenser with a second unique license on it. I agree it would be great if you could have one for your laptop and one for your desktop. Hell, 90% of ilok protected software allows at least two activations.