2nd time only, rhythmical modulation

Hello Dorico.
First I want to say, that I love your program and I will continue to use it in the future, but only privately. Dorico is unfortunately missing a few functions, that I use in almost every arrangement, which temporarily forces me to go back to Sibelius.
The function to be able to play something 2nd/3rd or 4th time is a must have for me. And the rhythmical modulation text from straight 8’s to shuffle/swing feel (which off course also should affect playback). I don’t quite understand why you didn’t prioritise this, when you designed the rhythmical modulations already available. Awesome job by the way. :slight_smile:
There are a few other functions which I use daily in my working life, but I can’t remember. It’s been almost a month since I worked in Dorico. If I remember I will write them down here.
Keep doing what you are doing, then I will hope the functions I mentioned will be a part of the next update.
Kind regards Carsten Coach

Thanks for your feedback, Carsten. You can create beautiful swing indications using the Metrico font, which you can freely download and use with Dorico, but of course we plan to add a built-in feature for this in a future version as well. We also plan to make it possible to specify that an item should be played back only on some repetitions through the score. Unfortunately I can’t promise when this will be added.

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Hej Daniel. Thank you for responding.
Though I feel I need to explain a little. See one of the ways I use notation software is to make mp3 files to my students. Because when it comes to music, you have to use all your senses to learn how to play. First you have to psychically feel when your playing on your instrument, then you have to hear and then you have to see. Best to do both at the same time.
So that is why these functions are so important to me. I need the music to not only look good on paper, but also play the arrangements back properly.
I know this is much to ask, but you are on the right track with Dorico. Before I tried it, I didn’t believe anyone could make a better program than Finale or Sibelius. So thank you. I will be looking forward to the next update/upgrade. :slight_smile:

Swing ratios are already a thing for playback purposes - see Swing ratios and rhythmic feels
They just appear on the page as a signpost, though, which is where Metrico does indeed come in useful.

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Hej Leo.
How do I change rhythmic feel, in the middle of a song, in dorico?

Please see Enabling swing playback for specific sections/instruments

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Thank you. Awesome. :slight_smile: