2nd touchscreen monitor as synth editor

Because I can’t find a controller that maps all VSTi synth controls to real knobs/faders (I miss using a “real” synth) I’m considering adding a 16" touchscreen and using it to edit and automate synth parameters. Is anyone doing this and is it worth the journey? My idea is to have it beside my controller (NI Komplete Kontrol S61) to provide a more “real” interactive experience.

I did think about this…and it’s still not written off, but I found that moving rotary knobs on a touch screen is a ball ache.

I’ve got a combination of a midi fighter twister and a roland system 1m which work for me. The system1 is nice cos it mirrors the real sections on synth. Works well with omnisphere…

Funny, I use a midi fighter twister to control all my inserts, comps,eqs etc. and I did use a Roland boutique JP8 for omnisphere but it’s not bi-directional. I actually copied all the system 8 parameters to my Ipad running Lemur as well.

I use a 27’ Touch with Komplete Kontrol S61… Very usefull, but a 16’ is too small for me remember that with “Touch” we need bigger windows to make it easy and “natural”…

I was thinking that as well (just don’t have much real estate). How is the touch with the 27"? Do you get the feeling of real knobs and faders?

Check Lemur (ios & android) there many videos in YT, how people control their synths

I’ve been using Lemur intensively for years, unfortunately because of Cubase’s crippled “generic remote”, it’s very limited.

Have you seen the MP MIDI controller? Looks very interesting, but i believe you have to run the plugins in a wrapper.

The best controller i’ve tried recently was running the Avid Control app on tablet besides my computer, i’ve traditionally loved MCU but the character display limit is a pain sometimes, was super impressed with Avid Control (Takes a little bit of learning). A mix of Avid Control with some physical knobs would be great - tempted to try some of those ‘stick on’ ones that you can buy for touchscreens! :slight_smile:

Yes, I actually just got rid of my Avid Artist and Ipad with the Avid Control App. I just use an Alphatrack now for fader stuff, I end up using the mouse most of the time and I have another Ipad running Lemur and my Midi Fighter Twister for inserts.
The Mp Midi controller looks interesting. It’s strange that Steinberg/Yamaha have never addressed the whole controller issue in a big way.

I think (Or rather hope) that they have delayed until there’s a requirement to invest into MIDI 2.0, knowing that if they done any kind of overhaul in recent years it would need to be revisited. So fingers crossed on that one, i hope it brings some new protocol that works across DAWs and has two way comms (i.e. if your hardware has a display both name and value is returned).

What made you sold the Avid Artist mix by the way? I’ve been seriously considering getting some avid hardware but i see many people moving away from it, feels like i’m late to a party. lol

I just never used it, way quicker using the mouse. i like having a fader for automation but I always do one track at a time so the Alphatrack is perfect. The best part of the Eucon setup for me was macros you can set up on the Avid Control App.
I’ve ordered a 24" touchscreen so I’ll post my findings when it arrives.

Yes will be interesting to hear your thoughts, particularly as you have experience with other hardware controllers as a comparison.

Must admit, i always liked the look of the slate raven screens, but always get the impression it sits on an additional layer, needs extra software - and thus could be broken after any number of DAW updates.

I’m hoping that because it’s just a window in cubase that it will be effective. I really only want it for synth editing.

Just an update on this. I purchased a Dell P2418HT 23.8in Touch Monitor to edit synths with and it works beaytifully. It sits on my Yamaha digital piano beside my Komplete Kontrol S61.