2nd try: Group Assignments and Routing (Pro 9.0 & 9.5)

Last time I did not describe step by step to direct you to the result I’ve get.

Let’s try together! :slight_smile: I’ve done this on 9.5 and then on 9.0. Works exactly the same.

  1. Add 5 audio tracks and move them to folder A.
  2. Create group channel A-BUS inside folder A.
  3. Add another 5 audio tracks and move them to folder B.
  4. Create group channel B-BUS inside folder B.

Now go to MixConsole.
5. Click to Filter Channel Types (Configuration) and leave there audio channels alone.
6. Click to Q-Link.
7. Select first five audio tracks and route them to A-BUS.
8. Select second five audio tracks and route them to B-BUS.

All is okay until now. Now click to Filter again and click to view all channel types.
9. Create another Group channel, name it X-BUS
10. Filter channel types to see only group channels. You see groups A-BUS, B-BUS and X-BUS.
11. With Q-Link active select A-BUS and B-BUS and route them to X-BUS. It seems all is okay and both groups routed to X-BUS.

Now set Filter again to see all tracks and channels. What we see?
a) first five audio tracks routed to A-BUS which routed to X-BUS - this is correct.
b) second five audio tracks accidentally routed to X-BUS not to their own B-BUS - this is unexpected.

Huuhh! It’s done :slight_smile: Yeah, with 10 audio tracks there is no problem to route one by one to necessary direction, but I meet a project with 80 tracks and I now some of you work on hundreds of tracks.

Here is project file (empty audio tracks):
RoutingTest95.zip (42.2 KB)
And screenshots (Project and MixConsole windows)

Now your comments, please!