2nd voice display in keyboard part displays differently depending on note value


In the image below you can see that when a value of a crotchet (quarter note) is used in the left hand part (red arrow) it displays correctly - ie: in the same horizontal position as the top (semiquaver voice).I did this by creating a second voice in the left hand part. (see red arrow)


But as soon as you lengthen the note from a crotchet to a dotted crotchet it moves its position alongside which is not what you want. (see blue arrows)

Why should a crotchet work and a dotted crotchet not?

any way to change this behaviour?


what about Engraving options /Notes /rhytm dot consolidation/ notes of the same duration??

Thanks for the idea but it doesn’t solve the problem.

Because it may be considered ambiguous as to which voice the dot applies to.

See Gould:

but also

Dorico’s Notation Options (not Engraving Options) has a setting for this:

Firstly - thank you for providing the solution. Magic.

I can see the issues you highlighted - thank for that too. In the case here, I think it is unambiguous enough to notate it with shared noteheads, but I shall look up Gould - looks like a good reference.

This forum is just fantastic. Very grateful.