2nd Voice rest Visable?


Can anyone tell me how I can make the second voice REST appear in this bar to indicate to the second flute that they are not to play?

Right now, with the new update, it immediately deletes the second rest so I have had to FORCE the stems up on the default setting to indicate the voice I want to perform…however, I can’t seem to be able to retain the rest so its visible for the second player.

Any suggestions? Is there possibly a tutorial on this as yet that I may have missed with this update?

THANK YOU anyone!

While still in the second voice you can try adding a bar rest from the panel on the right. That should do the trick.

(Holds and pauses menu)

Thank you but I don’t quite follow this…

Hmm, HOLDS and PAUSE MENU did not offer a solution…

Not Holds or Pauses - you want Add Bar Rest, or something like that (I’m away from my computer.)

Go into note entry mode in the voice in which you want the rest, then click on whatever that Bar Rest button on the right panel is called. Piece of cake. :slight_smile:

Yes - that did it…It was in INSERT BARS which is located above the HOLDS and PAUSES.

Well done. Thank you! I am pretty sure I could not have worked that out by myself. I will be calling upon this feature so much…

Thank you again. :slight_smile:

Yes working beautifully now!
Screen Shot 2017-12-12 at 11.48.15 AM.png
Thank you!

Whoops. Sorry to have mislead you. I was away from dorico at the time. Glad you found it. I went through a similar struggle a few months ago. So easy once you find it but the panic preceding that moment… lol.

THANK YOU kindly! Yes, all sorted…My goodness, there are some incredible features with this new upgrade 1.2 ! They really have quantum leaped themselves… I am grateful again for you chiming in…THANK YOU!