2nd voicing notation styling

In the measure with G chord is there any way to have the dotted quarter and the half note stacked liked a chord? I tried it without using second voice and forcing duration but it still won’t do it. I tried adjusting notation and beams just can’t figure this one out. I can do second voicing and have the ties like the C chord bar, but I thought it would be easier to read without all the ties. I wrote them both like this for examples I don’t plan to keep them different :slight_smile:

Any tips?


Stacking a minim on a quaver would be highly non standard engraving and in my view would simply serve to confuse the musician. The aim of engraving, to me, is absolute clarity. You second bar is clear and elegant.

Would stems down make the alignment clearer for you?



Yes, you can. Select both and set their voice column index to 0 in Engrave mode, properties panel.

@dan_kreider that’s horrible engraving:


Sorry! [Now I suppose our colleagues will produce a dozen examples to prove me wrong! :slight_smile: ]


@Andro - Thanks for the tips and feedback. For me, seeing that C lands at the same time with the F and G makes it easier for me to read. I thought that was more of industry best practice?

@dan_kreider - Thank you for the tips! I was able to make the adjustment but it only did it for the half note not the dotted quarter. Did I miss something? Here is how I made the update. Curious to also hear how you would notate drone note in this measure?

I didn’t say it was correct, but that’s how the user would achieve it. And I agree… please don’t do it.

The bottom notes should be stems-down.


Great! Thank you both the input - I appreciate the help.