2q.Ai license transferring to other person and Ai7 vs Ai8 ?

Hello, 2 questions
1: i have in my soft elicenser 2 cubase Ai licences Ai 7 and Ai 5. i want to transfer one license to my brother to use it… is it possible and legit ?

2: i have a voucher in my steinberg to upgrade to AI8 for 10$ until the end of this month, are there any benefit from Ai7 to Ai8 ? can’t find comparison chart

For question 1… check out the CB resale wizard.


Regards :sunglasses:

its a hassle :unamused: have to transfer the license to a dongle according to the resale wizard !!(my brother lives in another country then me)
thought maybe it was as easy as removing it from soft elicenser and "my steinberg "and then give the product code to register to the “buyer”.
maybe i’ll just convince him to buy ur22 and he will get Ai8 for free :mrgreen: