2sec audio dropouts with UR44 and 2018 MacBook Pro

I am having issues with my UR44 and Mac OS Mojave on a 2018 Macbook Pro. I am encountering random audio dropouts in all of the software I’m using (happens to Rekordbox, Serato, Ableton as well when simply listening to music from Spotify or yt). The dropouts last about 2 seconds and happen randomly, sometimes once an hour, sometimes very rarely, sometimes a few times an hour. No crackling or noise is present, the audio just mutes for 2 seconds. I’ve installed the latest drivers which unfortunately still did not solve the case :frowning:
No dropouts ever happen when I’m using just the laptop speakers or plug my headphones into the laptop. I have also checked with a MOTU Microbook II and no dropouts occurred.

I also have a Windows machine and the UR44 works perfectly with it, no problems whatsoever. I am really happy with my UR44 and all the connectivity it provides and hope to be able to have the same good experiences with my MBP. I’ve seen people having similar issues with the T2 chip being a suspect. Has anyone found a solution to this problem that I have missed? Will the upcoming TOOLS update solve this issue and do we know when is it coming?

Please let me know if you can help & all the best!

I have the same problem, no solution so far :frowning:

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This is well documented everywhere, Apple’s fault AFAIK. Please try turning off the wifi and tell us if the dropouts continue.

Thanks, so far no dropouts with wifi off. However, it’s not very convenient :confused:
Is apple or steinberg working to fix this issue? or is it going to be like this forever?

Thank you, turning off Wifi and messing with the “auto set time” settings reduced the dropouts when I was testing it a few days ago.
On top of that, Apple has just released an update to MacOS Mojave with fixes for USB audio interfaces and a new version of TOOLS has been released - I am very happy to say that I have not had a dropout since the updates.

I’ll let you know if any more problems occur, but as for now, I am able to use my beloved UR44 with its full potential again :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Excellent news! We’ve been waiting for the Tools update for like 4 months and it’s finally here! We all need to test that in order to see if turning off wifi is no longer needed. And the Apple update is also just in time!

I am having the same problem too, and the drop out was happening in Live TV (direct) !!! What a shame for me and for the brand!
Please Steinberg help me with a solution for this software (bug) or change my UR44 for some other hardware that don’t have problems! I don’t want more drop outs…
I bought my UR44 one month ago and can not be used no more…