3.0.10 loses contact with keyboard

Since updating to 3.0.10 I’m having lots of troubles with my keyboard.
The right sounds plays back when playing on it butwhen inputing notes into the score, no notes shows up.
The green midi-indicator in the lower right corner is also dead. Only way to get it back, as far as I know, is to restart Dorico.

Unfortunately as yet we don’t know what causes this. Until we’re able to reproduce it in-house it’s not clear how we can fix it.

Here is a shaky video of what happens:
The right sound sounds, but no signal to Dorico. As you can see, there are no green light flashing in the lower right corner.

A diagnostics report created from the Help menu is quite likely to be useful. A shaky video is less likely to be useful.

Well, I’m not a software developer and I’m not sure what kind of info could be useful. That shaky video was just to show the problem (which to me looks like a bug…) Of course I understand it isn’t possible to diagnose the problem just by watching a video like that, but since none has asked for any more info about it or a diagnostics report I don’t want to spam their, presumably, already overcrowded mailboxes.

Unfortunately in the handful of cases we’ve had reported, diagnostics don’t show anything helpful. We don’t know how to reproduce this problem as yet.

I’ve not had a long time with 3.0.10 yet, but my keyboard didn’t fail as early as with 3.0. Otherwise same issues before. My workaround is to use the last version 2.

I finally had the midi stop inputting notes in Dorico 3.0.10. This version seems to work better for me. Here’s a diagnostic where I had the registry script going, which Paul asked me to turn on for another issue (https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=246&t=169800&start=25, which hasn’t crashed yet). Hope turning on registry script provides a clue. I can hear music coming through from the keyboard, but no notes are entered, and the green dot doesn’t light.
Dorico Diagnostics.zip (659 KB)

I’m finding Dorico 3 to be nearly unusable now with my midi keyboard, as it stops writing notes. So I use Dorico 2.2. But alas, it also stopped inputting notes (but you could hear them being played). So maybe the problem is related to the new sounds somehow? Anyway, in case it helps, attached is a diagnostics from a week ago (I’ve been out of town, sorry for delay).
Dorico Diagnostics.zip (527 KB)

After installing build 1052 I’ve now had a couple of dropouts when inputting chord symbols. Dorico plays back but no chord symbol appears. (Windows 10)
Only way to get it back is to restart Dorico.

We think we have a fix for this, which will be in the next update.

Great Paul! :smiley: