3.0.10 Update breaks first note of flow with custom playing techniques

Odd new behavior that I did not get in, but has popped up with

If I use a custom playing technique on the first note of a flow it creates problems.

In this case I have made a custom glyph that looks like an Upbow mark.

It is assigned to a custom expression map technique (Tutti) that currently does nothing but send a cc76,0 event and a keyswitch.

It is for a custom HALion 6 HSO preset that allows cross-fading between tutti and solo sounds from the same stave by simply sending the relevant cc event.

The score and playback techniques are both set to have a duration/attribute so that they should only apply to the single note of which they are attached.

The playback technique works perfectly anywhere it is assigned in the score EXCEPT for the first note of the flow. In this case it seems to think the technique is a sticky don-duration ‘direction’ rather than a duration/note attribute.

If I slide the start time of the first note a tiny bit to the right on the time-line, it goes back to being a momentary attribute, but now the first note is chopped off and does not play at all.

I did try putting a number of techniques (both directions and note attribute types) on the first note that are NOT custom (pizz. spicc. etc.), and those seem to work as expected.

Would the pre-roll option help in this case the way it does with grace notes at the very start of a piece?

It might. I’ve not heard of it. I’ll look it up in the manual and see how it goes.

Thanks for the tip :slight_smile:

I tried adding a 1 second pre roll. It does not correct the problem.