3.0 File wont open in 3.1

I cannot open a dorico project from 3.0 in 3.1
Dorico will crash at around 60% of loading (long after telling me that it would convert to 3.1)
Here’s the original file “BerlinBerlin.dorico”, a backup (that also crashes), and a re-saved 3.0 file with playback template silent,
plus a windows crash dump:

I know I can (and probably will) export flows (from dorico 3.0 on other computer) and import them in a fresh 3.1 file,
just thought it might be useful for the dorico developers to know about a possible issue.
Of course would also be interested to know what in this file makes Dorico 3.1 crash (but not 3.0).

I’m sorry for the inconvenience. It looks like there is a problem with Dorico trying to identify a run of guitar bends in this project, and that’s tripping it up. We’ll get this fixed as soon as we can.

Thanks for that information! So I’ll remove those guitar bends in 3.0 and try to open in 3.1 again.
Those guitar bends came from a MusicXML-Import, if this info is useful!
And your quick reaction time on this forum is utterly impressive!

You might consider keeping Dorico 3.0.10 and 3.1 running alongside each other for a short time if it’s going to be inconvenient to rework this project. It’s easy enough to do if that’s what you would like to try.

I’ve exported all flows in 3.0 and imported them seperately in a 3.1 project.
It turned out it was this flow that made dorico crash (during import again):
BerlinBerlin - Mack the Knife US - BROKEN.zip (575 KB)
I couldn’t find any guitar bends though.
Still, I removed the guitar/banjo (and some other instruments that didn’t play anything in this flow) and could import it afterwards.
Maybe this helps you guys to find a possible bug.

We’ve already fixed the bug, Jeff, but thanks for your additional efforts.