3.1 to 5

Hi all,

A good friend of mine has given me a 5 update. Can I update 3.1 with this. If so am I likely to hit any horrendous problems. I have some critical projects on the go at the moment in 3.1 and realise that any software house would not do this without running the two side by side so any advice welcomed.


If you’re talking upgrade, did he transfer the license to you? Was it a 3 to 5 upgrade to begin with? If no, you won’t be able to run it.


They bought 5 but realised you needed the licence key and didn’t have one, so its been donated to me it as I have a fully paid up licence for 3.1 .


You would need to buy a licence to run C5 or an upgrade from 3.1 to 5

Your C3 licence is just that, a licence to run C3

Something sounds fishy, here. :wink:

Nothing fishy at all. :slight_smile: I have the box for 5 right in front of me (slightly to my right actually) and have been using a licensed version of 3.1 SX from Digital Village in Birmingham for six years now. Purchased from the good man Romluc. The 5 was bought in error by a friend I’m producing some music with. She didn’t realise it required a dongel. She has given it to me in kind. If I had read the side of the box it does say “upgrade to 4 and sx3”. So, looks like I’m in luck :exclamation: but not until mission critical projects have been finished :slight_smile:

Don’t see how an upgrade could be bought without proof of ownership of the previous version. :confused:

Why would you need proof of ownership ? You can either install it or you can’t :question: Now I’m confused. Well i’ll try and get an official answer. All I can say is that I have a legitimate box of the Cubase 5 update. I think we can kill this one for the time being. :slight_smile:

As long as you have an activation code in the box, you should be all set. :sunglasses:


you should just go for it now, it’ll install beside sx3 so you can still go with sx if you feel the need.

If the box says it’s an upgrade from 3 to 5 and you have a valid 3 license everything is fine.
@Nate: You can buy upgrades whenever you want, without proving anything. The upgrade is worthless anyway if you don’t own a license.

Just going by when I bought mine in the US. They looked up my info before they would complete the sale. Guess it’s changed. :sunglasses:

Well. Cheers all. Yes I have a the license code from 3.1\4 to 5 and the Halion Symphonic Orchestra 90 day trial !! and thanks for the info about installing side by side. Like you say - I may as well go for it - as of today it seems the mission critical project is so mission critical. Ah well - **** happens :smiley: